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Konjac Sponge

If you’ve never heard about the sponge that called Konjac Sponge,
then you must understand something about the cleanliness of your face.
Konjac Sponge at first glance looks like a stone or sponge shower. But after using it and feeling its texture, you’ll understand the greatness of this revolutionary product.
The Konjac sponge is made of the root of the Konjac tree which grows in the east esia and has many advantages.
The sponge is designed to clean the face without soap and stimulates the blood and causes skin regeneration.
The spone is great for makeup remover and can be used for making skin for makeup.
The sponge also has a calming effect on facial skin and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

How to use

The sponge should be soaked in warm water, slightly squeezed and passed on the face with circular motions.
After use, hang the sponge to dry with the necessary thread and store in a dry place.
After using the skin you will feel a smooth and pleasant face.

The sponge can also be used in conjunction with a facial wash.
It is recommended every 1-2 months to replace the sponge in the new after daily use.
When the sponge just came out for sale it was sold only in black,
Today there are a variety of colors when each color is suitable for different skin condition.

A yellow sponge enriched with ginger is suitable for those with sensitive skin
The green sponge is enriched with tea leaves – suitable for those with sensitive skin
The black sponge contains charcoal that absorbs fat, and therefore it is recommended to own oily skin
The white sponge is suitable for all skin types.

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