Jolly Jumper

New product for your baby: Jolly Jumper.
A device suited for exercise and physical activity for babies that includes a high and stable frame which help th development of coordination, rhythm and strengthening of the muscles of the baby.
The Jolly Jumper can be folded to a flat position and enables easy storage and mobility.
The swinging movement is ideal for an active baby, the saddle seat is comfortably designed for maximum support of the baby’s spine, ensuring proper movement during exercise.

Easy to store (has a folding facility and no need for tools) and can be used internally or externally.
The baby seat can be quickly disassembled and washed.

Suitable for toddlers from the age of 3 months (from the moment the baby is able to hold his head steady, with full neck support) up to a 13 kg weight.

The original Jolly Jamper is manufactured and marketed in the world for over 70 years and is considered one of the leading products in the world. highly recommended!

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