How to choose toys

Congratulations, you had a baby. You are very excited, especially if this is your first child, and want to buy him almost everything you find in stores (or on sales sites). Your surroundings also delight you and give gifts. Wonderful. But very quickly his room begins to fill with toys, stuffed animals, rattles and development games. What do you do with all this selection? Do you really need so much?


A baby begins to discover the world through games, and it is important to give him toys with different textures. Of course you have to be careful about games that are not small parts that can fall. It is worth hanging out games for a university in order to try to reach them.


How to choose toys


Around the age of 7 months the baby turns and tries to crawl, and there are also quick babies do it, or at least begin to try, even before six months. You can put creepy crawling games on the floor, a ball that plays and rolls, animals crawling on batteries that the baby will try to chase.


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Toys for one year

Around the age of a year the baby on the way has been standing or trying to stand, and perhaps has already started to walk. At this stage you are asking yourself which toys will best challenge your baby. At the age of one year babies sit, crawl, and sometimes even stand and try to walk, and want to discover the world. They would go anywhere and be questioned, they could reach a cupboard and take out the contents, play with an empty bottle, roll it and catch it. Games that fit the age of a year are wooden cubes, of which a baby of one year can build a tower of three or four cubes. It is important to sit with him and show him, and he will imitate. Wooden blocks help eye-to-hand contact. It is important to expose the baby to various games even if he does not play with them in a way that our parents understand. Let him hold a piece in each hand and attach their sons or disassemble two Lego blocks.


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Books are important at any age, and also at the age of one year. It is important to call the baby short stories that encourage him to listen and listen. Do not expect the baby to sit in one place and listen to the whole story, but the habit is important for later age. In addition, reading a story helps to develop the baby’s language. You may find that your baby has a preference for a particular book. You can also let your baby keep a look at year-old books – hard books with pictures or rubber books.


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Threading rings in different sizes to stand or tower rings is an important game that helps development at the age of one year, The game improves the baby’s craziness when it is required to match the ring to the right place.


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Big puzzles of 4 pieces are games that are an excellent challenge for a year old. Check that the shafts are stable and do not break down. There are puzzles with a frame that helps the game. Keep in mind that at this age he will not understand exactly what to do, but the exposure is important, and towards the age of two, he will start putting together 4-part and 9-part puzzles.   Babies like to play with adults. You can roll them gently, bounce them, there are tapes of music you can sing with them. A good game is hiding an object under a small napkin and encouraging the toddler to pick up the napkin. Ask for the baby and give it back.



Baby massage is also important. You should do a massage with your clothes or without clothes before showering. Research shows that contact is very important for the baby, and helps him learn about his space. There are toys that can be put on the foot and the baby tries to grab it by hand.   Take an empty box whose language is not sharp, and place a cube inside. The baby will be happy to put the cube out of the box.


Games for standing up

You can find an activity table with buttons and buttons that encourage standing and games that encourage walking. It is recommended to wait until the baby starts to take a few steps, since the game can give the illusion of walking, and the toy may move forward and the baby may lose grip and fall.   Other games to buy at this age is a table with chairs to create, a tent with balls that are always fun to sit in, trains that can be assembled, cars and kitchen utensils.


Musical Instruments

Infants are researchers. When the baby meets a toy, it will usually try to shake it to hear noise, throw it on the floor, roll it and so forth. Musical instruments will allow him to explore the games in a pleasant way. Xylophone or guitar with buttons pressed.


Games you should avoid at the age of one year

Babies at the age of one year are mainly engaged in exploring the world. If you look at their game, you’ll see that they are busy shaking, throwing and mouthing things. It is important to choose safe baby-safe games and check every game before it reaches the baby, for example, that all parts of a toy are kept well and will not be broken into small pieces. Color games have checked that the color is non-toxic. Be sure to give them soft games, avoid games with sharp corners or broken games.



The baby does not play as you expect it to

Babies are busy at the age of one year exploring their world. They would come to the cupboards and try to get their contents out. They would come to the rooms and look for new areas they had not visited. Every baby has a different pace of development, and it’s important to take that into account. There are babies who stand at the age of one year and even take a few steps and some children will not try to still stand. Do not rush them and do not worry too much Every baby has its own rhythm. Like games, he does not build a four-cubed tower, do not be discouraged, see him again and again, encourage him to build, but he may not do as you expect. They built a tower for him and encouraged him to drop him. In the end he will build one himself.


Do not overload

As parents we want all the good for our children, and rightly so, but excess stimulation can confuse the baby. Choose every two or three games around him to play with. After a few days you can replace the games and give it other games, but also this time up to four items.


What a baby should do at the age of one year

An important part of baby development is the game but it is important to follow your baby and see that it develops at the right pace.

You can play with babies at the age of one year in the Coco game. You can put yourself a little towel and try to let them remove the towel from your head. Try to hide a game they like and let them look for it.



Babies at one year mimic your voices. They sat him in front of you and made noises. It is important to choose sounds that babies can imitate. If you whistle them, they probably will not hook you. Not every sound they’ll play, and that’s fine.


Reply their names

Parents often complain that their child does not respond to a call by name. He is supposed to respond but not every time you call him, if he is busy in a challenging game he may choose to ignore you. Try to call him at different hours of the day. Also at the age of one year he should recognize faces, mother, father, brothers, grandmother and the like and respond to them differently, and fear strangers.

Play a lot with the child, applaud him, teach him to point to the light and say light, wave him goodbye and teach him to comeback after you.

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