How to buy a laptop

How to buy a laptop

If you are going to buy a new laptop and are a little confused by the abundance of the laptop market today and not sure which computer is best for you in terms of its features, this article is for you: what is important to know and test before buying a laptop.

Choosing a laptop should go through many questions until we find the best computer for our needs. If you are using a handy computer for work, you probably need a powerful, fast and reliable computer.

If you work with graphics software, you will need a powerful graphics accelerator and fast processor.


LG gram Laptop – 15.6″ Full HD Touchscreen


Hard Disk


The hard drive is the computer’s storage unit. In addition to its size, the speed at which it rotates per minute (RPM) must also be considered. Today it is acceptable to start at 7,200 rpm.




The screen is measured at its resolution. The resolution should be measured relative to the screen size.

The differences between matte and glossy screen should also be taken into account. While the matte screen absorbs lighting reflections, the glossy screen presents a more vivid image.


Newest Lenovo IdeaPad 15.6″ HD High Performance Laptop


Graphics Card


A video card is a graphic accelerator that allows a high quality image.

Many laptops come with a built-in video card (On Board) that does not allow serious work with graphics software and does not play with 3D graphics with complex graphics. If you are into image processing and graphics games, then you need a more professional video card.




On most computers you will find an Intel or AMD processor.

Intel markets 8-2 core processors for faster work.


Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop, 15.6″ Full HD




Memory temporarily displays the operating system data and various applications. The larger the memory, the higher the speed. Good working memory starts from two gigabytes (GB)


USB ports


It may not sound so essential to you, but USB sockets are always needed, and all the more – it’s fine. You should also have at least one standard USB 3 connection for fast file transfer.


RJ-45 connection


Essential for connecting your computer to a wired network


HDMI jack


A jack you’ll need if you want to run a presentation on your laptop on a projector screen.




Convenient for wireless mouse and keyboard use.




Make sure your computer supports wireless communications so you can browse anywhere connected to Wi-Fi


If you want a mobile browsing option – WWAN – make sure your laptop is equipped with an adapter.

In any case, make sure your computer has a network card installed.

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